Men’s Ministry

Grow in faith, reach your goals and find community SoulCry’s men’s ministry is a community of men who are pursuing the Lord together. Our mission is to biblically equip men to become spiritual leaders in their homes and communities. By holding each other accountable, praying together and growing closer to the Lord, we desire to […]

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Youth Ministry

SoulCry Youth Ministry gives teens a space to grow into and share their faith. The SoulCry Youth Ministry wants all of our young people to know that God has a purpose for them. Life is a journey, but through faith the light of Jesus can guide our path. No matter the circumstances we face, faith

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Women’s Ministry

Join a diverse and vibrant community of women who seek God Women are often considered the backbone of the church. The women of SoulCry, and their many talents and gifts, have been key to our church’s mission. The SoulCry Women’s Ministry is a diverse, Christian community of women fostering their gifts, sharing Biblically sound advice,

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Faith Path

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